nba比赛投注_Theres a plethora of treatments for balding on the market. But what if you could regrow your own hair out of your own head by simply applying an ointment?市面上化疗秃头的药物多得数不胜数。不过说不定你现在可以通过甩一种药膏就需要精彩地让自己的头顶自己宽出有头发哟。

In a paper that seems (almost) straight out of the plot of The Peanut Butter Solution, South Korean scientists describe a treatment for hair loss that doesnt just prevent hair loss – it promotes the growth of new follicles in hairless mice.南韩科学家公开发表了一篇研究文章,称之为他们研发的药物不仅能防治皮肤炎,还能让无毛鼠身上生长出有新的毛囊。这听得一起真是和法国老电影《魔法》的剧情如出一辙!Led by professor Choi Kang-yeol of Yonsei University, a team of researchers discovered a protein responsible for hair loss in androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness – the most common type of hair loss in both men and women.这支研究队伍由韩国延世大学的Choi Kang-yeol教授领队,他们找到了激素性皮肤炎中起决定性起到的一种蛋白质——这种皮肤炎也称作斑秃,是男女患者身上尤为少见的皮肤炎类型。We have found a protein that controls the hair growth and developed a new substance that promotes hair regeneration by controlling the function of the protein, Kang-yeol said.Kang-yeol教授称之为,“我们找到了一种掌控头发生长的蛋白质,并且研发出有了一种物质,需要掌控这种蛋白质的起到,从而增进毛发再造。”We expect that the newly developed substance will contribute to the development of a drug that not only treats hair loss but also regenerate damaged skin tissues.“我们期望这种新的研发的物质需要协助人们研发出有新的药物,通过这种药物人们不仅能化疗皮肤炎,还能让损毁的皮肤的组织再造。

”The offender seems to be CXXC-type zinc finger protein 5 (CXXC5), which acts as a negative regulator on the Wnt/β-catenin pathway, which is linked to hair regeneration and wound healing.他们找到的这种蛋白质是cxxc型锌指蛋白5,它不会对Wnt/β环形蛋白起着抑制作用,而后者与头发再造和伤口伤口有密切关系。When CXXC5 binds with a protein called the Dishevelled protein, it prevents follicle development and hair regrowth.当cxxc型锌指蛋白5与杂乱蛋白结合,就不会诱导毛囊生长和头发再造。



A new biomaterial developed by the team interferes with this binding process. Its called PTD-DBM, and when applied to the bare skin of bald mice for 28 days, new follicles developed.这支研究团队研制出的一种新型生物制剂能制止这一融合过程。它被称作PTD-DBM,研究者在秃毛鼠赤裸的皮肤上涂抹上这种制剂,28天后,新的毛囊生长出来了。

A 2013 paper found that, in humans, a treatment for androgenetic alopecia was significantly more effective when accompanied by microneedling – rolling very fine needles over the skin to puncture it.2013年曾有论文认为,在人类身上激素类皮肤炎的化疗与微针疗法结合后能起着事半功倍的效果,即用十分微小的细针在皮肤上滑动针灸。It may be some time before the treatment becomes readily available, however. A 2015 study showed promise for using stem cells to promote the growth of follicles, but still seems to be some way off.不过,要等到这一疗法显然不切实际还须要时日。一份2015年的研究认同了用干细胞增进干细胞生长的可行性,但是时机仍未成熟期。

New treatments often take time to develop, not least because they need to go through clinical trials to determine their safety – and, as we know, using mousemodels to study how well things might respond in humans doesnt always work.新疗法往往必须时间才能完备一起,不仅因为他们必须通过临床试验的检验以检验其安全性,同时,正如我们所告诉的,在小白鼠身上研究某种制剂在人类身上的反应,这种作法并不是屡试不爽。Nevertheless, the teams research is progressing apace. Theyre currently testing their new substance on animals to determine whether its toxic, before proceeding to human trials.不过,这支研究队伍的研究成果正在朝著迈向。目前他们正在动物身上试验他们的新制剂,想要想到它否具备毒性,最后他们不会在人类身上展开试验。