nba投注官方网站:A team of scientists from the universities of Alberta and Toronto have laid out theblueprints for a quantum battery that never loses its charge.加拿大阿尔伯塔大学和多伦多大学的科学家团队为一种总有一天会没电的“量子电池”制订了研发计划。To be clear, this battery doesnt exist yet — but if they figure out how to build it, it could be a revolutionary breakthrough in energy storage.必须具体的是,这种电池目前还不不存在,但如果他们寻找了生产它的方法,这可能会是能源存储领域的革命性突破。The batteries that we are more familiar with — like the lithium-ion battery that powers your smartphone — rely on classical electrochemical principles, whereas quantum batteries rely solely on quantum mechanics, University of Alberta chemist Gabriel Hanna said in a statement.阿尔伯塔大学化学家加布里埃尔·汉纳在一份声明中回应:“我们更加熟知的电池依赖的是传统的电化学原理,例如为智能手机供电的锂离子电池,而量子电池意味着依赖量子力学。”Dark State暗态A paper describing the research was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. in July. The battery works by harnessing the power of excitonic energy — the state in which an electron absorbs sufficiently charged photons of light.记录该研究的论文公开发表在7月的《物理化学杂志》上。

这种电池利用“激子能量”来供电,激子即电子充份吸取电荷光子的状态。The researchers found that their resulting battery model should be highly robust to energy losses, thanks to the fact that their battery is prepared inside a dark state where it cannot exchange energy — by absorbing or releasing photons — with its surroundings.研究人员找到,他们明确提出的电池模型应当“在能量损失方面具备低稳健性”,这是因为他们的电池是在“暗态”中打算的,而在这种状态下,电池无法通过吸取或获释光子与周围环境互相交换能量。

Large Charge大量电荷By breaking down this dark state quantum network, the researchers claim the battery could be able to discharge and release energy in the process.研究人员回应,通过超越这种“暗态”量子网络,电池就可以在这个过程中静电并获释能量。But the team has yet to come up with viable ways of doing so. They will also have to figure out a way to scale the technology for real-world applications as well.但是该团队还没寻找构建这一过程的不切实际方法,而且他们还必须想要办法把这项技术扩展到实际应用于中。