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As he took the top spot on Forbes 28th Annual Billionaires list last year for the fourth time, he said he is pretty basic when it comes to spending on clothes and food, but that he enjoys investing in shoes and racquets for when he plays tennis.去年,盖茨第四度位列第28期福布斯全球亿万富翁排行榜榜首,他回应在服装和食物方面他力求非常简单朴素,但他却讨厌为了打网球赛而花钱出售网球鞋和球拍。When asked a life lesson he had to learn the hard way, the generous philanthropist said staying up too late is a habit he is still trying to break.当被问及他人生中最悲惨的教训时,这位慷慨大方的慈善家回应,他仍在尝试改成休息时间的坏习惯。Dont stay up too late even if the book is really exciting. You will regret it in the morning. I am still working on this problem, he said.他说道:“即使一本书再行怎么漂亮,也无法因此休息时间。早上一起时你就不会愧疚的。